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Brew Bar in Cafe

Adding a Brew Bar to Your Cafe

The Japanese style of pour over coffee has become "the next big thing" in the Battle of the Brew. It has taken the coffee world by storm and we do not want to be the ones to miss out on the magic.

There are many people in this world with different views on coffee; some believe "coffee is coffee" while others can appreciate it as an art form. Sure, there are all kinds of things we can create in our cup, but coffee does not need to be complicated. The Japanese have figured out a technique to really bring out the natural flavours of the beans in our brew – The pour over coffee revolution had begun!


Why Should You Add a Pour Over Brew Bar To Your Café?

Over time, we have been conditioned to believe that good coffee is only made with a machine. This is simply not true. Rather than using a machine to brew the coffee grounds for you, the barista manually pours the hot water slowly over the coffee grounds--hence why this is also known as "hand pour coffee" or simply “pour over”. Preparing the coffee in this manner has quite a few benefits:


  • Cafe Brewing Bar● It’s inexpensive.
  • ● It allows baristas more control over providing the unique preferences of each individual customer.
  • ● The slow pour process allows for more customer interaction and the opportunity to ensure the perfect brew every time.

There are several factors you may want to consider when adding a brew bar to your shop's repertoire:


  • ● How will you market your new brew bar?
  • ● Where to buy the single-origin and micro-lot coffees that are the most profitable in the pour-over world.
  • ● How to integrate your new brew bar into the current setup of your coffee shop.

Pour Over Coffee Essentials

In order for you to make the best coffee you are going to need the best equipment. There are many options in this regard, but here are a few that will not break the bank while also not sacrificing the quality of your cup of coffee:


Kalita Thin Spout Kettle

This little kettle will only set you back $89.95. This is a great option for building your brew because the gooseneck spout allows for more control of the water flow onto the coffee grounds. This is important because, while pouring, you want to avoid pouring down the sides of the filter. You want to keep the water on top of the coffee grounds so as to not taint the flavor of the brew. Your customers want to taste the coffee, not the filter.


Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill Grinder

Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill GrinderHario doesn’t just make excellent electric coffee grinders; they also make excellent manual grinders. For $169.95 you get a small, hand-powered grinder that can make french press, espresso, and every grind in between.


Hario V60 Pour-Over Set - Glass

For $159.95 Hario gives you everything you need to create the perfect pour-over experience. This set includes: pour-over cone, server, metal arm stand, a 40 pack of V60 filters, and a measuring scoop


Kalita Stainless Wave Dripper 185

The Kalita brand makes a variety of drippers but this one stands out among them. Costing $51.95 this cone-shaped dripper has a wide mouth which is not too big or small for optimum pour-over coverage. This dripper is made of a durable high grade stainless steel; it is also easy to clean and won't rust over time.


Kalita Wave Filters 185

The 100 pack costs $13.85 and is an excellent addition to the Kalita Stainless Wave Dripper 185 (see above). 


Chemex Classic 8 Cup, 1.1 litre

For $94.95 Chemex offers its famous and beautiful wood neck collar pour-over brewing system. This setup is perfect for making the normal pour-over coffee as well as making iced coffee for a summertime treat. Chemex brewed pour-over coffee can easily be stored in the refrigerator and reheated without losing its flavor. 


Check out this pour-over coffee brew guide using a Hario V69:


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